Nichols Student News

News from a student's view.

Students use the sound booth to record and edit voice overs and other audio files.

Production staff cues up the teleprompter in preparation for recording the show introduction with news anchors.

Career technical education grants have provided students with the opportunity to have modern facilities and cutting edge equipment for the production of news stories. The studio, sound booth, cameras, audio equipment, computers and software are all part of a professional production process.

Students utilize the Adobe editing suite for all their editing needs. Premiere, AfterEffects and Audition cover video, special effects and audio recordings. Additionally, students use Photoshop for editing photos and images. Use the image link below for additional product information from

The classroom is used for instructional purposes and editing using the Adobe Creative Cloud suite.

Dell Precision workstations and dual monitor setup provide robust editing systems with a workflow setting similar to that used in industry.